Under your skin

Arachnophobes beware, this post is going to freak you out.

So it’s been a long time since the name Emilio Gonzalez has appeared on ModBlog, which is a shame because he is still one of the finest body modifications working today.  And just to prove it, here’s a healed look at one of his more recent implants.

Yep, that’s a spider.  Enjoy the nightmare fuel that brings you.  Would this be a bad time to bring up the urban myth of the spider laying eggs in a person’s ear, only to have them hatch and work their way out.  Maybe this one went in, instead of out.

For those looking to have work done by Emilio, you can reach him at his shop, Mithros Tattoo in Caracas, Venezuela.

7 thoughts on “Under your skin

  1. Eek! There’s not much that freaks me out, but spiders certainly do. *shivers*

  2. Will it tighten up as time passes? I wouldn’t be able to tell what it is unless I was told.

  3. am i the only one with bad-Emilio-experience? …..the guy left me with an unstitched transscrotal, that ha-ha never healed. easy living, grabbing the cash and not giving a f* about the customer’s aftercare.

    posting my blue ball on the interenet : yes
    replying an email : no

  4. I’m just thrilled by how displeased she looks. Excellent “harumph” face.

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