Taking it to 11

In the words of the great Nigel Tufnel, “Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it?”

Judging by the amount of artillery this guy is packing, it’s pretty obvious Michael Kozlenko intended him to go to eleven.

And here’s a look at the sides of this piece:

Check out the Kipod Tattoo Studio gallery to see more photos of this epic tattoo, including some close-ups of the smaller details.

4 thoughts on “Taking it to 11

  1. I got tattooed at the same time when he got this superfreakingawesome piece getting done, could no even imagine this.

  2. I actually saw a picture of this before… the original artist had done a faded old shitty joker clown and the same artist, now older and wiser did his whole back a real man vs machine…

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