Pay no attention to the photoshop

This isn’t a guess what.  You know what it is, just skip past the jump to see it in all its glory.

Well would you look at that.  It’s a penis, that just happens to have a PA and frenum ladder.

Piercings by John Kid from The Piercing Lounge in Madison, WI.

8 thoughts on “Pay no attention to the photoshop

  1. wow, it looks great, but I can’t help but wonder;
    how does it feel for a girl during sex? thinking about soreness and such?

    and wanking? =P

  2. Makes me want my frenum ladder back. cs – in my experience the barbells constantly entering and exiting the vagina tend to catch and cause discomfort hence why the gf made me take them out.

  3. That is DEFINATELY not comfortable for the lady. Especially beads. Not pleasant at all! Give it a miss guys! Looks super cool tho….:0)

  4. Sex with frenum piercings works better when a condom is used. The condom keeps the barbells snug to the skin and from snagging and replicates the feeling of some of those fancy sex toys. From behind, a set of piercings like that would feel especially good (hitting the g-spot).

    Oral endeavors are a different matter entirely.

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