Free Gear from BME!!

Yep.  You read that right, we’re giving away free stuff!  Some of you may have noticed a “FREE GEAR” checkbox on your BME profile page.  Well, we’re going to be starting up the monthly shirt giveaways again, so to kick things off we’re giving away all of our old stickers.  We just got new a new shipment of stickers in that have the updated address, so the ones you’ll be getting will be the last batch ever to have the address.

So here is how it is going to work. Anyone who posts on the comment section for this post, will get stickers in their mailbox. The only thing is you need to have is the “Enter to win FREE GEAR” check box selected on your account, your t-shirt size and your shipping address.

If you don’t have it set already, go to, check the FREE GEAR box, select your t-shirt size and make sure that you’ve either entered in an address or that your address on file is up to date. This is all under the “Personal Information” page which that link will take you to, it’s all at the top of the page.  (If you don’t have an account, then sign up today!  Opening a BME account is free!)

Then come back and post in this comment section with “I want stickers!”. Nothing else! Do not include your address in the comment forum!.

Once we’ve got posts in the comment section, we’ll start sending out stickers. We’ll verify that you’ve got the “Enter to win FREE GEAR” check box selected, your t-shirt size selected and then Rachel will grab your address from the account admin (All she can see is if you’ve got the FREE GEAR box checked or not, your address, shirt size, membership status, types and expiration dates and submissions linked to your account) and you’ll receive an envelope with free stickers. Don’t worry, BME always ships things in plain white envelopes with a discrete return mailing address. We also take great pride in protecting BME members personal information and would never distribute, reveal or sell your personal information, unlike some sites!

We’ll start shipping out stickers on Friday so as long as you get your post (and settings configured), in before midnight EST on Friday, you will receive some stickers! Hurry up and update those accounts and post in the forum!

Edit:  Please make sure that if you don’t have an IAM page, that you’re using the email address associated with your BME account when you post on modblog otherwise we won’t be able to find your shipping address!

106 thoughts on “Free Gear from BME!!

  1. @pehN: There should be 2 check boxes right underneath your “Primary E-mail” field. One for e-mail notifications for IAM messages, the second for “Enter to win FREE BME Gear”

  2. I have neither of those check boxes om my account settings? :(

  3. Also, if you’re not seeing the buttons, make sure you’re on the “personal information” page that you can select on the left side menu.

  4. Alas, no “FREE GEAR” checkbox for me, either. Checked and re-checked the Personal Information page.

  5. Please make sure that if you don’t have an IAM page, that you’re using the email address associated with your BME account when you post on modblog otherwise I can’t find your shipping address! :)

    P.S. Don’t post your shipping address here!

    Weee this weekend is going to be busy!

  6. Shhh!!

    Ciderspiller: You can be the first to sign up for the sticker of the month club! Start your free trial by entering your address, you can pick your first 712 stickers of which the first 370 are free with the address and the remaining 342 are just 249 easy installments of $153.76! Don’t forget to sign up! :)

  7. kolan – I answer all support emails within 24 hours. I am but one mere mortal so I don’t answer emails 24/7. I answer them every morning, 6-7 days a week.

    PS I’m not sure what the “credit card details” post is about but you certainly don’t need to enter cc details for this.

  8. kolan – I replied to your email a few minutes ago. :)

    Everyone should be seeing the “free gear” check box now but if for some reason you don’t please do email support.

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  10. Jen: Ciderspill was joking. As was my reply! There is no stickers of the month club that costs $38,286.24!

    Only a few more hours left for the sticker give away! Get your name on this list and your settings configured! :)

  11. Times up! I’ll start verifying settings and mailing addresses and then mailing out the stickers over the weekend. Please make sure that your settings are updated! For those of you in the US, you can expect your stickers in about 7-10 days. Those of you who are outside of the US, it may take 2-3 weeks depending on where you’re located. I’m hoping it doesn’t take longer than that but I have seen some packages taking 6-8 weeks for first class which is how these will be going out!

    Thanks again to everyone who posted!

  12. I just noticed that some people don’t have their names in their account. I didn’t think to specify adding that because for some reason I assumed that people would put their name in since I’m sending them stuff in the mail.

    Please add your first and last name so that your mail gets delivered! I think the postal workers will get confused when they try to deliver mail addressed to various user names, especially the “weirder” ones!


    New posts after the midnight deadline on May 4th 2012 will not receive stickers! Sorry!

    Klages & sharkbait: I’m making an exception and adding you to the list. Make sure your BME accounts are updated properly with your shipping address!

  14. I know you said it’s too late, but I WANT STICKERS!! Give us that work nights and have kids a break. Don’t worry, I’ll take amazing care of you if you show up in my ICU!!

  15. You know… it’s awfully hard to ship stickers to people who don’t have an address listed in their account. ;)

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