Book Head

This piece is an homage to the David Stoupakis painting “Book Head”.  According to Jackie Rabbit, the choice of books is “a tribute to science and the struggle of reason over ignorance.”  My only complaint is that he doesn’t have a Neil deGrasse Tyson book in the stack.

7 thoughts on “Book Head

  1. Interesting that there are only three of the Four Horsemen in that bookpile. I wonder if the owner of this tattoo didn’t enjoy Harris as much as Dennett, Dawkins, or Hitchens? Maybe the book with the blank spine represents all the other great authors that couldn’t be included in the tattoo?

    Book tattoos are the shit. :) Oh, and Atheist tattoos!

  2. Great tattoo, howver “struggle of reason over ignorance” included Dawkins?


  3. re: #4 – It says “ignorance”, not “arrogance”. Sure, Dawkins can be arrogant, but he’s usually on the money.

  4. This is my tattoo. My inspiration came from David Stoupakis, and the Great Jackie Rabbit took it to a whole new level! As far as the names on the books go, I just tried to stick to my first and major influences. I do love Neil deGrasse Tyson, but I can’t put all my faves on there! I left the blank one in case someone comes along that would blow me away like the others. I do like Harris… I like him a lot actually, its just that I disagree with him on so many levels that it seemed odd to have him on my tattoo. Especially since he doesn’t agree with the label atheist. Harris is a great champion for us anti-theists/non-theists, but he is much lower on my my scale of greatness. He definitely is not on the level of the Great Jackie Rabbit!
    Jackie is extremely intelligent and puts a lot of time, effort, talent, and heart into her work and will never go to another artist!

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