Pants off dance off

IAM: Viking_boy‘s legs started off as a pair of tribal shorts by Stavros Touzos, and have now been transformed into a full pair of pants by Dan DiMattia.  This is one of those times you’re going to want to go to the galleries to see the rest of the images.  The front and back views are just as spectacular.

Stavros works at Liquid Sky Tattoo and Dan is from Calypso Tattoo.

4 thoughts on “Pants off dance off

  1. What style of tribal work would this be considered?

    This is essentially what I want to do with full sleeves except my plan is to do solid black sleeves and have the negative space done with cutting and branding.

  2. @SolidOak

    Tattoo is Polynesian, looks like Marquesan to me. is an account of tattooing in the Marquesas Islands, with the designs and their meanings (pix are about halfway through the pdf). It’s late period Marquesan, when a lot of solid blackwork was replacing the earlier geometric and pictorial elements.

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