4 thoughts on “Flappy Flop

  1. OMG IT LOOKS JUST LIKE MY DEFORMED EAR!! Mine folds down even a bit further and has a bump where the piercing is placed here. I’ve wanted it tattooed for YEARS but have yet to come up w/a design small enough that would stand the test of time and not blur.

  2. ^^^ Ear flappy flop doodads unite!!! ^^^ I have a very mild version of this too. I didn’t think it was a birth defect. I was told it was cause I was jammed in my moms vagina for a very long time during birth. Maybe that is considered a birth defect? I’ve been told I couldn’t get a typical industrial cause of the odd shape of my ear but, there has to be some cool ear project I can do. Thanks for posting this. 😀

  3. At first, I thought it was a dermal, i was so confused lol.
    That’s really cute! it kinda looks like the piercing could be an eye and the curves in her ear could be a snakes body, I’d be tempted to tattoo a snake on my ear if I had an ear like that.

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