Animal Farm

What do you do if you’re a crazy Aussie modification artist that has leftover flesh from an earlobe reconstruction?  If your name is Joeltron, you make flesh cows.

Or in this case, an earlobe doll.

I’m sure Joel will pop up with the full story behind how that ear ended up looking like it did before the reconstruction.

6 thoughts on “Animal Farm

  1. Must be quite an old guy/woman getting the reconstruction done !
    Considering the wrinkels / grey hair …

  2. In that bottom picture those “squid lobes” made me cringe. How does that happen? It looks like an older person tho. Maybe stretching and tearing…zombie attack? Joeltron did a great job considering what a mess he had to work with.

  3. either had a horrible accident or once had some really awesome modded ears either way quite interested to find out whats going here

  4. Correcto! The ‘squid lobe’ is from an older lady who got her ears pierced a number of times and wore VERY heavy earings for quite a number of years.

    When one would migrate out (slowly cutting through her ear, downwards) she would just get them re-pierced above the old one and the same thing would happen again.

    Her tissue was quite fragile and lacked in elasticity, however we were able to give her relatively normal looking lobes again and from what I last heard she has had them re-pierced (correctly this time!) and is not going to wear heavy earrings again.

    This procedure was done a few years ago, however I never got a good healed photo of them (the ‘healed’ picture is only around 2 months old when taken).

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