9 thoughts on “Strawberry Scars Forever

  1. yes, it is a hop vine ;) (he’s my hubby..) he has a matching hop vine tattoo sleeve on his other arm, the scarification is a work in progress and will be a full sleeve piece once completed to match the other arm..

  2. Well, this just goes to show that never drinking alcohol reduces the chance you’ll recognize a hops vine.

  3. Yes, they are hops………….I should have bothered popping that in the description after all the conversations I had with people when I got the other sleeve tattooed……..

    Will be sure to post up healed/healing photos along the way.

    Big shout out to Rob from Industrial Strength in Sydney, Australia. Awesome work as always.

  4. I thought it was an artichoke. But. I’m really not that familiar with hops. Beer…yes. Hops…not so much. But, it is very clean work and I’d like to see a follow up.

  5. Three month photos have now been uploaded…….

    Been loving going to school (I’m studying education and volunteer a fair bit at my daughter’s school) in short sleeve t-shirts. The conversations you have with a 6-7 year old regarding stuff like this are quite interesting.

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