WTF, Sean, where have you been?

Well, it’s funny you ask.

I have been doing the same thing I have always done, I have been focusing on body modification and blogging on that matter. Only, this time I have been focusing on a totally new (to me) form of body modification, one that consist of improving my bodies health and fitness. So I left ModBlog to my bearded buddy, Rob, and I started focusing most of my efforts towards my health and fitness blog, The Caveman’s Man.

So whereas before I was cutting, perforating, injecting, implanting and removing my body parts to obtain my ideal body image, now I have shifted focus onto the aspects of my body and health that will allow me to live long enough to answer that often asked question “what are you going to do with  all those tattoos and piercings when you are 80?”.

With my former lethargic lifestyle combined with eating nothing but take out (and perhaps occasionally over indulging in booze), 80 wasn’t looking too likely of a lifespan for me. However, after losing 70 pounds and totally turning my life around,  when someone ask ”what are you going to do with  all those tattoos and piercings when you are 80?” I can cynically reply, “probably your great granddaughter”.

Anyhow, my passion for BME type body mods has never, and as far as I can assume will never diminish. So when Rob asked me to cover ModBlog for him for a few days while he was on vacation, I gladly accepted the offer. When it came time to write my first post of the year,  I figured, why not combine both of these vastly different body modification interest for it?

So here you have my good friend, fellow healthy modded human being and my WOD wife, Katie McShady (who coincidentally has her own fitness blog), doing a split snatch at my Crossfit gym, Crossfit Mainstreet.

(I know, I know. I said “split snatch” laugh it up, add some relevant puns and move on.)

There are many sides to body modification, and many types of people involved in it but you have to appreciate someone like Katie, who represents our modified world so well by being a showcase for amazing tattoos and beautiful body jewelry as well as health and fitness, education and just being a damn good human being in general.


11 thoughts on “WTF, Sean, where have you been?

  1. I’m so glad Sean agreed. The only down side is that I’ll be away so I won’t even get to see his posts until I get back.

  2. I’m very glad to see a post like this on here. Too often it seems like the ‘modification community’ neglects or even intentionally distances itself from things like bodybuilding and physique sculpting, while to me those things are as valid a form of modification as tattoos, piercings, and the like. They’re all branches on the same tree, but they’re talked about and treated very differently by most people. It’s odd.

    Congrats on turning your health around and losing that weight. Also, on having a fit and beautiful wife. Good on you all around, Sean.

  3. I do have a fit and beautiful wife, but it’s not katie! Katie is my WOD wife, meaning “the bitch who comes along with me to Crossfit Workout Of the Days and makes me compete with her to the point of nearly dying”.

  4. Katie looks amazing. And she’s one of the nicest people I have ever met. Obviously we should all hate her. ;)

    Sorry it’s good to see my two loves together at last. How long have you been crossfitting. I started about 6 months ago with great results.

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