Enter the labrinth, then leave when you don’t meet David Bowie

I am not a huge fan of heavy solid blackwork myself (particularly “piercer arm”) but I have to admit, this piece with random geometric flesh removals by Anders is prety freaking rad.  The split shows the work fresh and then  healed at 1.5 years.


9 thoughts on “Enter the labrinth, then leave when you don’t meet David Bowie

  1. Is just great! It’s all I can say about this, I want to do something like it, but with another design of course, anyway, is really good, congrats!!! ;)

  2. concept is amazing so would the journey be aswell but to me i can’t see why youldnt just get the design tattooed as the lines aren’t as clean and to bystanders might ask why it isn’t finished
    not trying to get a rise out of anyone either

  3. This piece for me, has always been about the experiences i shared with the two artists involved. on separate levels, both gentlemen have had and impact on my life. the tattooist, of whom i shared childhood years. before our introduction to tattoo culture. and then my scarification artist, Anders. whom ive had the pleasure of knowing in my more recent years in this community. mix this with a fairly large flesh peel at a tattoo convention. and your talking my kinda party! And if you havnt had the pleasure of healing a fresh scar job Ryan? i couldnt do justice to the satisfaction and achievement, looking at my fresh pink scar tissue. watching and feeling it change over the coming 8 months!
    tattooed? sure i could of had it tattooed! so could my mum ;)

  4. hey! This is really cool to see because i have a large black patch on my back that i was considering doing the same thing too. I tried the white ink over top (we did several layers) and its just not bold enough for me.

    And Ryan, often people “black out” areas as a way of covering shit they dont like. Thats what i did. so tattooing a tribal design with negative space over top isnt an option.

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