Oh, my. Oh, Mimi.

Why would anyone ever get a portrait of the character Mimi Bobeck from the Drew Carey show? Dare I guess that perhaps it is simply because it makes them laugh and laughter truly is the best medicine.


I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I have to do everything in threes. That’s kinda how I got my reputation in school as a slut. –Mimi Bobeck

Tattoo by Tyler Nathan Turnbull of Rose and Anchor Tattoo in Katy, TX.

6 thoughts on “Oh, my. Oh, Mimi.

  1. haha thats my leg!! because she exhibits blind confidence….be who you are be happy with who you are and dont give a fuck what others think!!!!

  2. and i have a betty white portrait on my other calf that says pimp down under it done by Tyler as well

  3. And i have a Betty White portrait done on my other calf that has the words “pimp down” underneath it done by Tyler as well!

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