Over, Under, Around, and Through

Hello there everybody! Today Supa Grover is going to teach you a whole bunch of things, so you look and listen closely.  Ok?  Here goes.

Around, around, around…  over, and under, and through.

Now, you may be wondering, what the heck does an old Sesame St. sketch have to do with ModBlog?  Well, check out Supa’s latest transformation suspension that he did with Oxi.  To start, Supa and Oxi were rigged up seperately, with her in a 6pt coma, and him in a 6pt superman.

Then Supa moved up and over Oxi, through her rigging, and began to transition her suspension off of her rig plate to a tandem suspension.  You can see above that Supa already had the 6 hooks for the tandem ready before moving into place.  Her hooks were cut down one by one, and quickly reattached to Supa.

Then to finish things off, Oxi detached from Supa so that he could flip himself around.

So what have we learned today?  We learned that with the right people and equipment, almost anything is possible, including a mid-air transition into a tandem suspension.  Over, under, around, and through.

To see the full sequence, be sure to visit the Kaptive8 Suspension Krew Gallery.

6 thoughts on “Over, Under, Around, and Through

  1. Apart that cross contamination wise this seems less than perfect (blood can drip from one person to the other without barrier, hooks on the same carbiner, no gloves wile touching hook…. but maybe they are a couple) this is pretty nicely executed

  2. Klem, this is actually our wedding suspension :) <3

    Skulter, you are correct that those are my suspension socks. They were one of the last gifts from my nana before she passed away.

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