The importance of choosing the right jewelry

Industrials are of course a “fan favorite”, and a lot of clients come in wanting them because they seem quite “extreme” to the beginner in the piercing world, but are still fairly safe and accessible. However, not everyone has the ear for it — sometimes this is because the fold of the helix is not pronounced enough, and sometimes, as in the case of the ears in this post, it is because the ear is too curved, not allowing for a straight line to be drawn between the potential start and finish of the piercing. Now there are three ways to deal with this — first, you could not do the piercing. Second, you could not worry about it and go ahead and do it anyway. That’s what happened in the case of the piercer who worked on Yogi Blair’s ear here, and as you can see, the industrial ended up rather grotesquely sinking into his flesh over time. Not pleasant. He has since removed the industrial.


Sure is a gorgeous double daith though — the person who did that has some skills!!! The third option, which is the one that master piercer Luis Garcia chose for his client, is to use jewelry that curves around the ear’s anatomy. You know, I titled this entry “the importance of choosing the right jewelry”, but now that I think about it, I should have written, “the importance of choosing the right piercer”.


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  1. YAY Luis!

    (And there’s something about seeing Shannon as a modblog poster that makes my heart swell with happiness!)

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