Joanna’s Thumbs

Joanna from The Antahkarana had her thumbs tattooed at the Tribal Evolution 2012 Summer Solstice Gathering, with her left thumb being done by Audrie Cabena and the right by Ferank Manseed. Simple, beautiful work — sometimes a line is all it takes.


3 thoughts on “Joanna’s Thumbs

  1. Ferank Manseed is one of my tattooing heroes! He inspired me to tattoo myself, and it was an awesome experience.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention that I tattooed myself by hand. (Is there a better way of saying you tattooed yourself without the use of machine than “by hand”? Handpoked comes to mind, but I don’t want to give the impression that I just used a sewing needle, I used sterile needles on the bar intended for tattoo machines)

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