You may think that Kevin looks quite nonchalant and unthrilled at the fact that his soul is most likely about to be eaten. Apparently The Engima has not yet noticed his hair though, which gives him solid protection against soul-devouring, for obvious reasons. But seriously, I just love the black eyes that Enigma has had tattooed — they are unbelievably solid and really suit him. Anyway, I’m going out to the museum for the afternoon but I will return later to make some more posts.



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7 thoughts on “Eye-Nigma!

  1. But what of Katzen, creator of his puzzle pieces? She seems to have mostly faded from the limelight.

  2. Really thought Modblog was above ginger jokes, but alright. I guess there’s always something that’s always something that’s totally fine to make fun of.

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  5. Seriously DangerBitch?
    As a fellow gingerish person I have never had a problem with ginger jokes, and I do not know of any red haired person (to date) that has actually taken offense by a ginger joke. C’mon they are actually kinda funny you know

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