Wedding Smiles

This joy-filled photograph of Muffe Vulnuz and Crow Rising gives me opportunity again to congratulate them on their wedding. Would that they carry this bliss with them forever. And I have high hopes for them, because of this little fact — for some reason I can’t explain, of all the heavily modified folks that my daughter met when she was very young, Muffe somehow stuck in her memory. He has a special charm about him, and is not just a talented body artist, but a wonderful person. I wish them them many happy adventures together.


One thought on “Wedding Smiles

  1. hey my name is Reverend Jonathon. I became an ordained minister for the purpose of performing wedding ceremonies for like minded people such as myself. I have tattoo’s on my face, neck, arms hands ect. i also have a subdermal implant in my left hand. My lobes are at 38.1mm (1.5″), my labret is at a 00ga ect ect ect. just so you know that I know where your coming from. if you wanted to be suspended for vows that can be done also. I’m a Piercer/Modification artist at Utopia Tattoo in Auburn Ca. I’m willing to travel. If you or anyone you know might be interested you can contact me at
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