This spirit is home grown

You don’t get to see big beautiful Celtic work much these days. As blackwork goes, it’s been almost entirely pushed out by neotribal, dotwork, and geometric tattoos. So it’s always a treat when you get to see it done right, like in this gorgeous backpiece (and then some — it’s basically a full-body tattoo) by Colin Dale. I know, maybe I’m pushing things classing it as Celtic in the traditional tattoo sense of the word, since it’s got much more of a Scandinavian or Viking sensibility about it, but it’s a beauty either way. I was even more pleased when I realized that Colin is a fellow Canadian, from Saskatoon, although now working at Skin and Bone in Copenhagen. Be sure to click and look at this stunner at full size.


4 thoughts on “This spirit is home grown

  1. Huzzah! Saw this on Colin’s Facebook page earlier this week, and its fantastic to see it appear here too! Had a couple of pieces done by him, but if I could ever start my skin journey from scratch again with a blank canvas, my first move would be a full body piece by him. Check out his site peoples, amazing work!

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