Bulbous Gout Spider Tattoo

Oh, I remember now why I enjoyed writing here so much — it’s for the wonderfully whacky messages that I’d wake up to in the morning. Today’s message came to me from my friend Wayne Fredrickson at Fastlane Tattoo in Corona, California. At first I thought it was some sort of implant/tattoo combination, but no — after making sure that he was healthy enough to get tattooed, a 51 year old man with gout came to Wayne to get tattooed (his first tattoo by the way). He had a huge swollen elbow from the goat, and they converted it into the bulbous body of an oldschool spider. My nine year-old daughter absolutely loves this and isn’t grossed out by it in the least, so I’ve got to say that what this old guy did is just brilliant and charming — he’s transformed himself from a stereotypical “gross old man” to someone with a mirthful sense of hilarity about his body, and turned something disgusting into something comedic.


8 thoughts on “Bulbous Gout Spider Tattoo

  1. I don’t even know what emotion this inspires in me! Wow. I’ll bet he gets double takes when people see this.

  2. tia that was my question to, were did the goat come into this story? very good idea though

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