4 thoughts on “Suffer-Ass vs. Surface: Know The Difference

  1. I’ve an anti-eyebrow near the bottom of each eye done with curved barbells, near enough to the suffer-ass positioning you have pictured there and I’ve had them almost 3 years now with absolutely no problems.
    I suppose I’m just really lucky cause that first picture makes my skin crawl!

  2. I have seen quite a few curved barbell piercings there that have done well, some I’m sure are luck, others have been well done and well cared for.

  3. I don’t understand that people still use straight and curved bars in surface piercings. i also don’t understand that sites like this one still allow people to publish piercings with these choices of jewelry. why isn’t there any monitoring on here. my thing is, most people in this industry don’t have enough knowledge/training. by allowing people to post pics with improper jewelry, others see it and think nothing is wrong with it. so they do the same. that is why we still see piercings like this 20 years after the creation of the surface bar. we as a community need to show only proper jewelry being used.
    same thing goes for tattoos. people doing horrible work send in a pic of a tattoo that gets published(by a bunch of people that work for these mags that have no clue of what is quality). then the scratcher picks up the mag and says hey my work looks just as good. the way to stop this is by putting quality work up. that way, people start to notice what is good work. we have to remember that most people in this industry have no clue or are still using outdated info and aftercare. not everyone keeps up by reading and joining forums, they look at pics.
    another thing is all these people posting diy mods. how can a site like this condone and publish things like that. if we want to see this industry move forward we need to take control of our own, not complaining about people buying suppies at sears or whatever store. honestly, what affects this industry more, the person buying supplies in those stores or the people buying supplies on sites like this one. you can’t have it both ways. you must choose to complain about things out of our control(like sears selling supplies) or the people in our own community that sell to the general public and then complain about how we see all these horrible mods being done.

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