One of those Paulys anyway…

Am I imagining things when I say that when Pauly Unstoppable takes out his piercings and makes this glum face (taken in utter boredom in his many hours of daily transit commuting) that he looks disturbingly similar to Pauly Shore? Seriously, do a Google Image Search and see if you agree with me. Either way, it’s always fun for me getting to see Pauly without his jewelry in those superbly large nostrils he has (as well as his cartilage monsters).


4 thoughts on “One of those Paulys anyway…

  1. i love pauly. glad to have worked with him at body flash before all the major mods and such, and to see his transition to the man he is today. one smart kid and an all around good guy. rock on paul!

  2. this isnt the pauly i know 😉 i miss the extreme. i can understand that if piercings ever become a hindrance it seems like a handicap or other times people just get tired to upkeep or want something new so i’m supportive it is his body afterall but In my own opinion it looked better before. either way i hope to see more of him soon.

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