And now I lay me down to rest

Well, I know it’s barely even dark out, but I think today I’m going to call it an early night and go read and rest. I figure this suitably sleepy looking pictures of the remarkably black Stevie Banks of Exeter, Devon works very nicely for a day that’s featured some very interesting information on the possibilities of tattooing over black. Stevie’s extensive coverage and the tattooing over black meme of course both remind me of Lucky Diamond Rich, who was the first person I saw to experiment with this method. If you don’t remember him, be sure to click here for one of my first posts about him before you yourself call it a night.


Oh heck, if you’re feeling insomnia tonight, let me give you one more thing to amuse yourself with, this fascinating video called “Feeling Blue” (“Some People Are Born Freaks. Jim Hall Turned Himself Into One.”), about Jim “Bluecomma” Hall, a retired Baltimore civil servant who has tattooed himself with a full-body swirling mix of blue and black. Even though it sure does seem like it sucks most of the time, people like Jim remind me that the world is a wonderful place full of bright sparks of character that give it vibrant life.

4 thoughts on “And now I lay me down to rest

  1. Whoops, my first thought was “Why is he wearing a shirt but not pants?”.
    I really like the style of his tattooed hips and the ‘heart’.

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