Loose Ends

This entry was actually supposed to be in yesterday’s update, but I’m not sure why it didn’t make it. First I wanted to apologize for not having posted enough tattoo pinup guys here yet… I haven’t been putting them aside so my queue is limited, and to be honest, guys tend to send in more closeup pictures than portraits.

I also wanted to mention that Needled has mention up of Margaret Cho’s new tattoo (which may end up being Ed Hardy’s final large tattoo). Speaking of celebrity tattoos, another tattoo blog, literally TattooBlog.org, has mention up of Lindsay Lohan‘s latest tattoo, “Breathe” (she’s asthmatic). It kind of reminds me of my own “Stay Calm” tattoo.

While I’m talking about other blogs, I noticed two new tattoo and body modification blogs just fired up recently; first there’s TatTalk, and then there’s also My Body Story, both of which are currently styled as enthusiast blogs. There’s really getting to be a remarkable daily sites out there for people to read if they’re into all this! (So I don’t leave anyone else out of this entry, there’s also A&E’s InkedBlog and the news-oriented Modified News).

And, continuing in Needled synchronicity, thanks to IAM:blackrat, AKA Lucky Diamond Rich, performance artist and the world’s most tattooed person — slightly more tattooed (or a lot more tattooed if you count all the layers) than the folks listed as most tattooed by the out-dated text in the Guinness Book of World Records. Booo to them.

Anyway, I’m moving to a new house tomorrow, so depending on time and commitments and whether my cable Internet gets hooked up, it may be an extra day before I can post again.

3 thoughts on “Loose Ends

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    Posted on 01-31-2006 22:16:15 by rebekah
    Uh, that’s BME Newsfeed

    Posted on 02-01-2006 12:11:53 by t.thomas
    call me crazy. but i think lindsay lohans next tattoo should say “eat”.

    Posted on 02-01-2006 12:20:29 by Lara
    As Contributor to Modified News, I second what Rebekah has to say!

    Posted on 02-01-2006 14:40:45 by Jets
    Just commenting to close the italic line because I’m so very nice. Of course, I’ll just look stupid if something in the site causes that to not work :)

    Posted on 02-01-2006 14:40:57 by Jets
    Like that!

    Posted on 02-01-2006 22:40:41 by Dan
    Yeah, I was watching a show on tattoos on TLC the other day and they had some guy on from Scotland who was supposed to be “the most tattooed man” but he had so much bare skin! It was so stupid. I wanted to call them and yell at them and let them know, no matter what Guinness says, he’s certainly not the most tattooed man in the world.

    Posted on 02-02-2006 00:13:58 by .
    referring to tom lepard of the isle of skye? his bare skin is actually tattooed saffron yellow

    Posted on 02-02-2006 10:09:23 by glider
    Tom Leopard is missing a few spots that Rich has done like between his toes AFAIK.

    Posted on 02-03-2006 21:29:25 by phill
    According to their website, Lucky Diamond Rich shares the entry with Tom Leppard, but they do acknowledge that LDR is closer to 100% than Tom.

  2. that guy with the my body story tumblr actually writes for needlesandsins.com
    he’s a really nice guy.

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