Jewelry for Vampire Killers

I’m totally geeking over this super cool piercing done by Lee McFarland, a piercer at Oak City Tattoo & Piercing in North Carolina. It’s actually a quite standard piercing when it comes right down to it, a three point industrial done with very clever placement and great looking custom jewelry by Body Vision. The whole thing threads together and “fakes” the blades/arms of the cross going through the helix. I have to admit it would be awesome if it was pierced through big full-size slots, but all things considered, this is the responsible way to do this that’s more likely to have success for the client. Superb work. Looks like there’s one piece of bar (the one on the “blade” end) that’s going to have to be shortened and perhaps have the angle slightly altered, but this is a simple matter — better to have erred on the side of too long than have it be too short and wreck the piercing.

Click to zoom!

4 thoughts on “Jewelry for Vampire Killers

  1. I had to doubletake, to see if it was pierced at that gauge, even if its just the jewelry it’s still something different

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