Ladies and gentlemen, freaks of all sizes…

I absolutely love this portrait of Sanjula Vamana, and I’ve been meaning to share it for some time, taken by one of his favorite photographers, Mandy Dempsey, for a Circus sideshow photo project. Sanjula is a modern master of classic vaudevillian acts (and his wife is a burlesque performer), performing everything from beds of nails to swinging weights from his junk to intense skewering acts that would put the shivers into even experienced play piercers — chainsaws, whips, fire, escapology, knives, sledge hammers, pain proof, blockhead, human pincushion, stomach pump, dart board, and many other “dangerous acts of perilous danger!” Catch his show if you ever have the opportunity, and if you’re interested in booking him, you can reach Sanjula at [email protected]


Click to see it at full size of course.

One thought on “Ladies and gentlemen, freaks of all sizes…

  1. I’m all for sideshow freaks, and I wouldn’t imagine in 100 years that they would do anything to harm a child… that being said, awesome cultural appropriation white folks… it’s always a good idea to parody stereotypes and embrace them as your own.

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