Bavikhove Memorial Tattoo

Here’s a nice scratch-sketch-style tattoo (for lack of a better way of describing it) by Veronique Depuydt of Original Sin in Belgium. The tattoo memorializes the client’s grandfather, who was the town mayor of a West Flemish city called Bavikhove in the 1950s, and that is who is pictured prominently in the tattoo giving a speech. Much of the rest of the tattoo is made up of a street view of the town at the time — the church of course, as you’ll find in all European towns, and also the old town hall, and flax drying between them, which was once the scene in all the fields in West Flemish towns of the past. Behind his grandfather is an old bottle of Bavik beer — the local brewery still exists — and the most famous bar as well (In’t Damberd). The gravestone near the bottom for his brother who has passed away. This tattoo with it’s stark style, devoid of shading and made up of only powerful confident scratches, I think will age absolutely beautifully, and unlike many tattoos, will actually look better and better with age — to say nothing of being stylistically quite unique.


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