Still-Swollen Postbirth Pregnancy Belly

Ok. Not quite. But that’s the image that came to mind when I saw Scott Creel’s (of Southtown in South Fort Smith, Arkansas) bumpy forehead, swollen and with a slight excess of skin after removing the large 5th generation subdermal horns he’s worn for the last two years. This photo was taken a few days after removal, and the swelling should last as long as a week. When Scott first got the horns, he was debating between subdermals and transdermals, and after a couple years of wearing the subdermals he feels it’s not the aesthetic for him and that he should have gone with the transdermals, which will happen once everything is healed, perhaps in combination with some white ink and scarification.


While I’m posting removals — and speaking of transdermals — I can’t avoid this gory excision of a big pile of early transdermals (perhaps to be replaced with the new generation later?) done by Samppa Von Cyborg. It may look like a lot of trauma, but removing them in large strips is much less messy than the cutting each one out separately, and more importantly, ensures that all scar tissue is excised, leaving as smooth a scalp as possible when the procedure is complete and healed.


7 thoughts on “Still-Swollen Postbirth Pregnancy Belly

  1. Wow hardcore…. shannon upload some more posts it’s Saturday here in jerusalem and in board……

  2. To the best of my knowledge – yeah, that’s Samppa. He posted these to Instagram saying it was self-done. He removed his own set of transdermals so that once healed, he could try his newest generation in the same spot again.

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