A Mask of Diamond Lines

What a knock-out piece this is, just boom, stamped on with such strong impact — interesting change from Freak Garcia’s (of Ink Karma Nation, inkarma.wordpress.com) normal undulating and flowing style that almost looks like the patterns on an oil slick turned into blackwork. Anyway, I especially like the treatment of the ear, both front and back — second time today I’m posting a facial tattoo that pulls onto the ears, to say nothing of how closely the linework style echoes Kike’s illusion skull from earlier today as well. I also like the way that it fades behind the preexisting tattoos, not just abruptly ending, but dithering to a lighter level. I’d love to see this piece extended in time, so that it wraps all the way around his head and is mirrored on the other side.


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3 thoughts on “A Mask of Diamond Lines

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. I have to agree, I like the way it fades into the other tattoos. and behind the ear….genius.

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