Gerhard Wiesbeck’s Dense Blackwork

A friend runs a “heavy blackwork” group on FB where I was introduced to the work of German tattooist Gerhard Wiesbeck ( of Time Traveling Tattoo ( Much of his ultra-dense blackwork borrows on traditional South Pacific “tribal” motifs, and I encourage you to explore his galleries to enjoy that aspect of his work, but I’m particularly taken by his blackwork that draws its inspiration by modern geometry, math, and graphic design. Unlike much of the geometric tattooing out there which is intricate and detailed, Gerhard’s work is often ultra-bold and very, very heavy in nature, giving it a unique appearance. Here are three pieces that particularly struck me.

The first one is my favorite by the way — isn’t that amazing?

Finally, I want to show a piece of his that’s in a completely different genre from most of the rest of Gerhard Wiesbeck’s pieces, and is one of those “obvious” ideas that somehow I’ve never seen before. This tattoo of little hands superimposed on the wearer’s hands is quite brilliant!


4 thoughts on “Gerhard Wiesbeck’s Dense Blackwork

  1. Very nice work, I have been looking for some inspiration to do a larger blackwork project with heavier designs, tnis has shown me what could be possible since a lot of people I know thik heavy blackwork is used to only cover up old work. Thanks for the boost.

  2. Argh. I wish somebody had introduced me to that artist a bit earlier. I used to live near Landshut, and now that I moved 600 km away, this gets posted. Any recommendations for good blackwork in Berlin, Germany?

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