Ears of the Nephilim

Presumably to reconnect with her Nephilim heritage, Alessandra Annunaki, whose ancestors moved here generations ago from Nibiru — about 450,000 years ago to be specific — she had a set of incredible pointed ears constructed. She’s got about as extreme a point as is possible and I totally love how it turned out. The work is by Pineapple Tangaroa of Shaman Modifications Tattoo and Body Piercing in Austin, Texas. Other than pushing the fold farther than normal, he says the procedure was pretty standard, with some extra support via Steri-strips (adhesive butterfly sutures).


…and a close-up:


7 thoughts on “Ears of the Nephilim

  1. Amazed of how beautiful it came out, fits her so perfect! Alessandra your an amazing creature!! Love you!!

  2. Aw I thought the same as Rissa :p These look fantastic, she got a brilliant point out of them I bet she’s really happy with the result.

  3. she traced her bloodline to giants that were born of the sons of God and migrated here 450,000 years ago….. um…sure

  4. I love her look as a whole. All the shades of blue is very well thought out. She is just adorable too. I love the extreme shape of her ears. It looks like she was born with them. I’ve heard endless positive things about pineapple. He can seem to do no wrong. I always think about keeping that fold of skin free of crap and wax. I’m obsessive with q-tips. I’d assume you’d have to clean often especially during healing.

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