I choo-choo-choose you!

The most amazing thing about my old friend James’s ears is that they look so natural. You’d think that cutting off a third of someone’s ear would be an odd looking thing, but because it’s a straight cut, and because it healed so smoothly and beautifully, from a lot of angles you don’t even notice. It’s most obvious straight on as you see it here and even there it looks quite natural I think. Both ears are identically done, and this has given James a picture that apparently is going to be next year’s Valentine’s Day card!!! I say go for it!!! Unfortunately James is a eunuch too, so there’s no little mini-James to give the cards to for their young classmates — I’m sure that would go over grrrrreat. This was done by Matt Vermillion by the way.


PS. James was interviewed by Sean a couple years back on ModBlog. If you don’t know the remarkable history, read the (tantalizingly brief) interview.

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