Speaking of ears: pawprints and geeks

A while back Ryan Ouellette of Precision Body Arts (precisionbodyarts.com) invented an incredibly clever combination ear piercing project that captured everyone’s imagination that saw it. He took four flat round ends for toes and a flat heart end for the footpad, and combined them with five needles to make the cutest little ear project. That’s his hear on the left. As is no surprise, others are starting to ape it, because it’s a super idea, with the example on the right being done by Beans of Dragon FX Kingsway (dragonfxtattoo.com/kingsway), giving full credit for the idea to Ryan of course — this isn’t a “look at the plagiarism” entry. Both are beautifully executed and I have no doubt that in each case the wearer are being driven nuts by the number of compliments they’re getting.


While I’m talking about ears, I have to also share with you this little “GEEK” ear tattoo that Fabio Ryuk Nini, owner of Only For Friends in Italy had done by Chiara Callegari, one of the tattooists at the shop. There’s something just really charming about it that I thought fit the character of this entry nicely. I also wanted to draw your attention to his tragus, which I assume has lost a piercing, but is actually much more interesting for its misadventure, having a little “notch” taken out of it by the experience. Neato!


4 thoughts on “Speaking of ears: pawprints and geeks

  1. i really love the paw i want to get it done for my birthday but my piercer doesnt have the right studs where can i find the right studs for the piercing?

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