Complex Ear Reconstruction

Gabriele at Max Art in Italy (who you know best for the SkinTunnel project) recently performed a rather tricky ear reconstruction. The surgery involved both bridging two piercings into one, as well as repairing the damage from a piercing that tore out some time earlier. Once it’s healed, the client will be able to put in a new tunnel and no one will be the wiser — and hopefully they will have learned a valuable lesson about responsible stretching! Or getting in fights — I don’t actually know how the damage occurred.


4 thoughts on “Complex Ear Reconstruction

  1. I’d like to see a nice healed follow up hopefully. Has anyone else healed a split and stitched ear lobe, then stretched again?

  2. Fleshmod- I have had my ear split at 1 1/2 due to some unfortunate frostbite when I sutured the ends back together I could only fit 1/2″ back In it stretched back of very easily and I am now currently sitting back at 1 5/8. My main concern with the durability is more so on weight then size when I wear stone I notice my ears get very upset if it’s for more then an day or so with stone

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