The Kindly Demon

I don’t quite know what it is — maybe he just has one of those friendly faces — but there’s something really welcoming about Martin Kraus’s horn implants, now in their second generation. They were done by Chai Calm Bodymod and are fresh and a bit swollen in this photo, so they almost look like ridges but they’re actually multiple beads. For me this is a good photo to show that heavy mods don’t have to look “freaky”. Of course I do see the world through mod-coloured glasses, so maybe I’m not the best judge?


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5 thoughts on “The Kindly Demon

  1. It always makes me cringe when people who have heavier mods don’t know how to care for basic things like not having your earlobes look like the circulation is cut off and they’re about to break.

  2. I think he is adorable. I think all his mods are very fitting and attractive. The only heavy mods that I find unattractive are very large stretched nostrils. Or possible lip plates past 2 or 3 inches. That to me is getting into the territory of deformity. But, I believe everyone should be able to do whatever they want to their bodies. It’s just my personal preference, and what I find pleasing to my eye.

  3. Those lobes don’t look that good..exactly what Kat said, this is a far easier modification. But you also have to be more responsible with it, and patient. Mainly because it takes time.
    I’m not judging anybody, but…stretch properly.

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