Take a bite of my bad girl meat

Joeltron (FirstBlood.com.au, joeltron.com) shows us his teeth — yeah, he’s no Zygzag, but this is how Joeltron looks when he takes out his 13mm (1/2″) cheek piercing. If I was him I would totally wear clear glass plugs all the time or maybe tunnels with corks conspicuously stuck in them, especially if the size continues to increase. And gosh, I really love his eye tattoo — that lime green is one of my all time favorites.


7 thoughts on “Take a bite of my bad girl meat

  1. I love his mods, I’ve always wondered how people get their septums above 00 I’ve been stuck there and need advice, bigger plugs just plain hurt my harder cartilage above the piercing.

  2. The eye tattoo is a really nice colour. I think it would look really cool if the other eye was tattooed blue.

  3. I’m waring a 15mm delrin septum ‘spike’ in this photo, it points at both ends – hence the weird appearance from side on.

    It took me quite some time to get it this big – as with everything, time is important. Slow and steady wins the race!

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