Fishmaul / Fishmouth / ZygZag Cheek Stretching

This was originally posted on BodyTwo, but I was asked about it again this morning, and I thought it related well to the lip disc posts.

One of the most asked-about members of the modification community is “Fishmaul” (“Fishmouth”) or “Zygzag”, who is said to wear massive plugs in stretched cheek piercings. Here’s the photo set that most people have seen reposted over and over:


Some people claimed he was part of the German street punk scene in Aachen, others claimed he was Russian, and others claimed it was simply a fake Photoshopped picture. As it turns out he’s Polish, and quite real. A reader wrote me about him,

Hi Shannon. That “Fishmouth” is from Poland and everyone calls him “ZygZag”. For now he lives in Germany in a punk squat or something. I don’t know him but he’s a Polish BodyMod legend. For now he doesn’t wear his plugs. I’ve got different photos of him without plugs.

Here are the photos that came with that email:


He was drinking a beer at the time, so clearly he’d figured out how to live with giant holes in his cheeks…

Not long afterwards I received this photo of ZygZag with his plugs in at an event, wearing his cheek plates and other piercings:


As I wrote at the time, I can’t begin to express the admiration that I have for ZygZag’s dedication to developing this look… He’s got to be the only person on the planet, maybe the first in history, to push cheek stretching like this, and the degree he’s done it to is staggering. It’s really amazing to me, and the first time in a long time that I’ve seen something that’s genuinely new.

Unfortunately not much information on ZygZag is out there, as another Polish reader explains,

In January I discussed with my friends the subject of cheek stretching. Someone said that Zygzag is the only person in Poland with stretched cheek piercings so we started to look for his pics. After a few months of searching some guy contacted us and said that he knew Zygzag, and we wouldn’t find anything because he never wanted to have his pictures published. We also came to know that he removed the plugs because his eyes were constantly irritated and he couldn’t speak properly cause of the facial deformation. He had his skin transplanted few times to make the holes smaller. I don’t know how much of this is true, but it’s some additional info about the guy anyway.

So there you go… It won’t surprise me if he ends up being the only person to do this, ever. If anyone knows more (or knows anyone else that’s done this), please do write me!

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176 thoughts on “Fishmaul / Fishmouth / ZygZag Cheek Stretching

  1. That’s absolutely astonishing.
    Dedication indeed.

    It looks hard to speak when his plugs are in.
    Speak and just plainly to close his mouth.
    And living with massive holes that weren’t plugged would only be disastrous.

    I hope he’s either corrected or left them in depending on how he feels about them because it would be bogus living without them if he really Loves them or vise-versa.

    I Love this post.

  2. I’m not quite sure what to think of that.

    I definitely couldn’t see it as a long term modification.

  3. its kinda odd looking because his cheeks don’t actually fit the plugs, if they did he’d look like predator. and thats cool as shit.

  4. I like the post mainly because it makes me question my own sense of aesthetics but it also makes me uneasy – if he really “never wanted to have his pictures published”, it’s actually disrespectful of us to gawk at the pics of him someone else took and used and then comment on his decisions and look.

    I’d like to read an interview with him and really, I wouldn’t care if there were no pictures in such an interview.

  5. Ania – It was definitely an ethical struggle of journalistic value of the post versus desires of the person in the picture… I was very split on posting it but I think due to the exceptional nature of his modifications and story it’s worth doing.

  6. I really hope you’ll manage to get in touch with him somehow, so he could stop being just an object of our comments on here and become a subject with, hopefully, interesting experiences and opinions to share.
    on the other hand, though, I also like how elusive he is!

  7. i wonder how he gets the plugs in i know cheecks can strech but still if you compair the two picture with the plugs and without its still amazing

  8. aww i really like this look to be honest, i wish there were more photos out there. not to gawk at stupidly, just for sheer curiosity and interest. an interview with him would be priceless.

  9. hmmm…its definetly something i have never seen before. kinda makes me somewhat sad though to think if his wish was to never to publish this, that he ended up here on the internet-complete with a forum to rant in.
    but it is very interesting. it would definetly be an interesting interview if he ever materialized to share what he went thru along the way.

  10. Wow! I have never seen anything like this. I didnt see this post on bodytwo so Im so glad you posted it now. I was actually wondering last night if there has been anyone who stretched their cheek piercings. Then I found this, someone who stretched their cheeks bigger than I could imagine. I could imagine that eating would be way more difficult with the plugs in. I really like the way he looks though.

  11. hmmm…its definetly something i have never seen before. kinda makes me somewhat sad though to think if his wish was to never to publish this, that he ended up here on the internet-complete with a forum to talk about him in.
    but it is very interesting. it would definetly be an interesting interview if he ever materialized to share what he went thru along the way.

    but yeah, if he’s already a tricky one to pin down, jokes at his expense would probally not entise him to want to talk about them.

  12. i’m polish and i’ve heard about this guy a bunch of times.

    there’s a fair amount of legends surrounding zygzag, one of which is that the stretches weren’t made voluntarily- apparently, he passed out drunk and woke up with a pair of gas mask filters in his cheeks, procedure performed by his friends/other drunks/whatever.


  13. I was at that festival and I was really amazed by what he did, two thumbs up for the man. But that aside; I find it rather shitty of you to post the pics on here, no matter how “journalistic” you believe it is. Especiall since you know the man doesn’t want pics of himself published..Two thumbs down for you..

  14. I think it’s really good that he hasn’t done it for attention but done it for himself.
    Does anyone acturally know what size they were/is? and does anyone know if he did get them closed up or are they still in?I think this is amazing and I would love to read a interview with him.

  15. I’m also really curious to know if it is a nasallang that he has or 2 simple nostrils, I really like the horns he’s wearing in them.

  16. Looks like a nasallang to me. I like the horns he has too. I dont think I have ever seen someone wear something like that in a nasallang. Very neat though!

  17. I can imagine this would eventually get stressfull on the face with a constant weight from the cheek plates. But inevitably his name fishmaul fits him well.

  18. I’m not sure I understand the relation between his irritated eyes and his cheeks piercings. Anybody care to explain?

  19. I can totally see this guy becoming the stuff of legend, especially w/ a nickname like Fishmaul. His desire to remain elusive just adds to the potential of some aspiring writer out there coming up with a mythos about him – as illustrated by comment 36. I mean yeah, friends could totally get gas mask filters into his cheeks on one drunken night, completely probable. It would have nothing to do with probably several years of focus on the pursuit.

    One other sidenote, is it just me or does the set of plugs he’s wearing in the 2nd set of photos sort of give the impression that they’re taken from his cheeks? I know they’re not, but they make for an interesting visual.

  20. Deaf RaGe: I imagine it is because the plugs were so large that they were pulling down the skin all over his face, if you look at the top photos you can see that the plugs go below his natural jaw line. Press your hands on your cheeks and pull downwards.. the skin under your eyes gets pulled down too. Pull far enough and the lower eyelid kind of becomes exposed to all sorts of irritants.

  21. Dude’s a crust-punk, look at him. If he’s not the epitome of FTW – Fuck The World, then I don’t know who is. I doubt he’d give a fuck if a bunch of internet geeks (myself included) took the piss out of him. I’d say he doesn’t want to give an interview because left-wingsters don’t believe in idolatry, and the attention we’ve already given ZygZag is exactly that – idolatry.

  22. #43

    smurf: you do realise i’m retelling a story i’ve heard, not inventing it or trying to make anyone believe it, eh? just making sure.

  23. qeu man mas feo , eso expansores se ven asqeurosos y cunado se los quita peor parece a depredador

  24. “im not even mad,im impressed”
    but tbh it does look well uncomfortable,
    i hope ola (#36) isnt right,i dont wanna fall asleep at a party again…
    they look neat,i couldnt live with them,must be an awkward shave…

  25. ola: Yeah, I realize that. But the thing is, while you know better than that, there are people who would totally buy in to the tale… that’s how urban legends are born.

  26. i think this is proper amazing
    even if he had them fixed or if he kept them
    trying something like that and not caring what people think
    in terms of his going to the ‘event’
    shows how much body modification has developed
    i’ve bare small ears but i’d love for them to be the size of his cheeks (:

  27. i really cant take it in, that something else…

    im desperate to know why, seems like that would be a LOT of greif to live with, healed well for a punk in a squat!!

  28. “because he never wanted to have his pictures published”
    so why did you shannon published this?

  29. So he doesn’t want to be photographed? But his mods practically scream “look at me!” and he’s going out to public fairs in the open? Where everyone and their granny has a camera? Uh..I don’t buy that for a second. very clearly he knows he is being looked at, like virtually every other squat punk I have ever seen with tons of facial piercings and wild hair(“what the fuck you looking at?!”). If he REALLY didn’t want to be photographed he could easily cover up, as many people are forced to do who cannot show their faces in public for more serious reasons, everyday.

  30. I’ve met someone that saw this guy at a bar. He said it was weird to watch him eat (he didn’t have his jewelry in his cheeks).

  31. #56… Err, is he supposed to wear a scarf over his face or something? Certainly some retainers and/or dermablend aren’t going to hide something like this. /boggle

  32. If the issues is not wanting to be photographed(if indeed it actually is true) then it doesn’t matter what he uses. a lampshade, paper bag with eye holes cut out, close up his hoodie more. Whatever…

    There are a great many people who wish not to show their faces in public-people with severe facial burns or post accident/cancer scarring of the face for example. not everyone is able to wear make-up or prosthesis.

    My point is, if he really wished not to be photographed, he’s not trying very hard. As I said before, I don’t think this is the case.

  33. he has got some rights,so if he don’t want it,it should not be posted in public.and there is even whole story about him,where does he live etc.

  34. So I’m guessing a whole load of comments got deleted hey?

    And are you suggesting that anyone with visible facial mods (or otherwise) that doesn’t cover them up should be OK with there photographs being published?

  35. starspring, obviously that wasn’t his intentions either… duh?
    That doesn’t mean it’s his responsibility to cover up, ideally people just wouldn’t treat other people like they are sideshows when they’re just doin’ their own thing.

  36. I’m sure a lot of people can relate on some level by and by, how many times do any of us get asked a thousand questions about piercings tattoos scars or whatever, or get touched in unwanted ways because of mods… just because it’s there doesn’t mean the person with it wants the attention for it, I know I never do.

  37. wow, it seems like an astonishing amount of comments have been deleted/removed/disappeared from this entry somehow

  38. Megan: for the record, I don’t think he should HAVE to cover up, my comment was about someone else saying “he doesn’t want to be photographed”. Life in a free society generally means you have to withstand whatever society throws at you-even if you live in a squat. Being out in public means that there is a very good chance-especially at a fair for goodness sakes-that you run the “risk” of being photographed, and if you look VERY different from everyone else it stands to logic that you are going to attract attention. AND that may also include being photographed. Not everyone asks-hey its happened to me several times and I’m not that cool with being photographed either by people I don’t know-but I’m also aware that I’m in a public setting and accept that as part and parcel of being out in public. I never said he should HAVE to cover up. I said if he wanted to remain unphotographed that going out looking as different as he does is not the way to acheive that goal. I though that would have been obvious…

  39. I think there’s a good reason why Shannon says that no-one else will do this. It looks like it would be horrifically uncomfortable.

  40. starspring, I understand and agree with the fact that it’s a ‘risk’ in a public place, I’ve been in that situation as well.
    But I mean those are hard things to cover and humans don’t live in vaccuums, be he a squatter or be he whoever pretty much everybody goes to public places sometimes…
    I don’t know, he looks like he’s allowed the photo to be taken in some of those photos so I’m sure it was more along the lines of he doesn’t want his photos taken without his consent anyways, it would seem to make more sense.

  41. It’s not actually censorship. No one has the right to post here except the person who maintains the site. Everyone else is just a guest.

    It is, however, incredibly fucking cowardly.

  42. shannon hire a private detective in sorts to get the interview. lol. as i bet you likely aren’t allowed in germany with the whole bmezine ban there.

  43. thats the closest thing ive ever seen to that guy in the movie ichi the killer, if only he had one big hole in the middle. but anyways thats totally nutz, i wanna get mine pierced.

  44. sorry for the double comment earlier-my first post i tried to hit back and edit the post, but i guess it printed anyways…

    i wonder if he started that urban legend himself about drunks doing this to him? just to fuck with people who ask dumb questions…when rednecks ask dumb questions about my mods, sometimes i’ll make up stuff to fuck with them…

  45. Well, I’m somewhat interested in ZygZag, but now I’m WAY more interested in what all the deleted comments said.

  46. i’d like for this person not be be the modified communities “britney” and if the man would prefer to be left alone, amazing as his feat may be, then we ought to leave him be.

  47. when this was posted to bodytwo- I wondered if the stains on his vests in the pictures (with out the plugs in) were from food and what not falling out through the holes. I think he looks much better with the plugs in then out- but Im also not a fan of naked lobes. I wonder how long it would take to stretch up your cheeks that big? He could always downsize no?

  48. >>wow, it seems like an astonishing amount of comments have been deleted/removed/disappeared from this entry somehow
    sae on February 24th, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    This is disturbing.

  49. I’ve seen zygzag at the punkfestival in former ‘ungdomshuset’ kopenhagen, denmark, called k-town. I think it was two years ago. And he had both cheekplates in and out. I was stunned by him. yeahyeah. just wanted to let you know.

  50. I’m trying to imagine what he would look like with a really big lip plate as well but I can’t picture it.

    I have to agree with Shannon that it’s really amazing to see anything “new” or “original” anymore.

    Is there anything that hasn’t been stretched now? I would be VERY interested to see what inch and a half vertical lowbrets do to someone’s facial structure.

  51. I think it’s great the comments were removed. Especially if it’s they were the same five people bickering back and forth!
    It’s kinda nice not to have to wade through 60 comments of people throwing around name calling.

  52. Easily the most intense set of piercings i’ve ever seen. I’ve seen dedication before, but holy crap, that’s pure gold

  53. Agreed that its nice to see something truly new. I think this is the most radical example I’ve seen of a modification changing a persons overal appearence, though there are plenty of procedures and projects that are more technical or complicated than simply stretching a piercing. I really want to know how long this has taken, and how much was just stretching vs. surgical.

    I’d like it even more if it was more in line with my approach to body modification, which is strictly progressive, transhumanist type thinking with a touch of “I like how it looks/feels” thrown in, rather than a lifestyle thing. I don’t modify my body to be a different human, I do it to be more/better than human…

  54. firstly wow, and thats bloody dedication.

    but i have to be honest and say how much i personally do not like it, same as OVER stretched ears…. i see piercing, tattoos, scarification, branding etc as a modification, as an improvement – and i dont see that as an improvement.

    I understand other people do it for ritual, or for sh!ts and giggles… but me…

    No, i really dont like it.

  55. firstly wow, and thats bloody dedication.

    but i have to be honest and say how much i personally do not like it, same as OVER stretched ears…. i see piercing, tattoos, scarification, branding etc as a modification, as an improvement – and i dont see that as an improvement.

    I understand other people do it for ritual, or for sh!ts and giggles… but me…

    No, i really dont like it.

  56. Well he certainly stands out from a crowd. I really don’t know what to say on this one… more power to him if it makes him happy but personally I find the whole thing grotesque. But I’m not a big fan of stretched piercings beyond a certain point in any part of the body.

  57. I think that’s pretty gross, but it’s not my body. If he’s happy with it, more power to him…It makes me feel kind of uncomfortable and grossed out.

  58. I am from Aachen and i know that he lived there when i was 17/18 (4/5 years ago) and then he still had the cheek plates.Although i was always curious about it i never tried to speak to him cause mostly when i saw him he was pretty drunk and grumpy.

  59. I clean my lobes daily without fail, and even every day at only 5/8″ there’s a smell and sometimes a bit of cheese. I can’t imagine how badly those must smell at around 2-2 1/2″, in the cheeks next to a bunch of chewed-up food, especially when the owner lives in a squat.

    That said, the man must have dedication and cojones of steel to get to that point. Well done!

  60. Funny, I actually saw the pic with his plugs in just a day or two ago. Cant remember where though.

  61. As I saw him last time he had small transpatent plugs, and stille have some piercings (but not alot). Want to know something more mr Shannon ?

  62. i have some pictures of a guy i think from California it was probably a good 8 or so years ago getting his cheeks cut to 5/8 or so

    i had my cheeks stretching to about 4g at one point and it was a pain in the asss haha

  63. I remember this being posted and it’s always been really impressive to me. I could just never do it!

    Did they ever heal?

    That second set of pictures without the plates reminds me of a goat man haha. Cuuuute.

  64. Since the knowledge that this individual would ‘rather not be published’ image wise came from a secondary source and even they heard it from a secondary source- I am not too bothered by the sharing of these pictures. I think the first set looks posed.
    Although the difference between simply being *seen* and having someone take your picture and put it up online makes me wonder about the comments about covering up in public??

  65. i keep thinking of what elaine bennet (angel) said about her cheek piercings at the 2006 APP…she had to have them carterized (more than once) due to seeping from one of her piercings migrating into a gland…her speach actually made me shy away from perfoming cheek piercings, since she had so much trouble…i’m sure its not really as big an issue with him, she was a piercer and it wasn’t very safe for her to have a leaking wound over a procedure-but i wonder if he’s had alot of problems with seeping, given the holes are so huge…

    in response to comment #101…see comment #16…but its kind of hard to control what will trigger someone to try something…just like you can’t pull the album that inspires a kid to shoot up his school-you can’t really censor posting extreme mods because of the fear some high school kid might try it at home…all you can really do is try to be as informative as possible and hope it helps make a logical decission…

  66. He may have adapted to having big holes in his cheeks, but clearly they are somewhat troublesome, just look at the stains on his collar.

  67. “Saw this on toothpaste for dinner. Check out the guy to the left.”
    Interesting modification, but the complications seem like they would outweigh any benefits of having it.

  68. its really funny that this was posted, as ive been wondering if there was anyone with large stretched cheeks for the past few months. Ive considered it myself, but never knew anyone had taken it this far. Amazing.

  69. i know this guy. polish crazy and very inteligent punk. he used to live in wrocław (breslau) at crk_squot. very cool person! zygzag i miss you!

  70. Saying he should cover up, yeah i realise you don’t mean it literally, but if he did this for himself, he’d be proud.
    And what, is he supposed to stay a shut in for the rest of his life?
    On a lighter note.
    This is delightful, what he’s done is amazing.
    It’d take so much courage to do this, if you think of how thick the skin there is, it’d probably be one of the most painful places to stretch on the body.
    I’d love to know if anyone else has stretched their cheeks to a large size.
    Also, i’m not sure if it’s just me, but the plugs in his cheeks don’t look circular, although it could just be from skin hanging over it?

  71. I see this ZygZag sometimes. He is cleening car’s front windows on a street junction, when it’s a red light break. Poor car drivers just begging for “Green”.

  72. i have heard that he stretched cheeks because he wanted to make some street performance or something and get money, but all he got was infections and sometimes someone beats him up because of his look. but it is only buzz.
    i am not big fan of these “just because i can” modifications

  73. 117 and others – can you stop this idiotic gossiping that some imbeciles come up with as they try to dismiss his dedication and have shit instead of brains? It’s ridiculous..

  74. i’m just completely fascinated by this guy now…so with many urban legends and myths surrounding him…yet he remains illusive…man! it makes me want to go to poland and see if i can find him…never gonna happen-i’m poor-but its really interesting that there’s so much speculation-yet very few facts…its like chasing the easter bunny or something….

  75. I personally don’t like it, but kudos to the guy for the uniqueness (literally).

  76. Ich finde es nicht richtig die Fotos gegen den Willen des
    Betroffenen zu veröffentlichen, so dass alle Welt sie sehen kann.
    Besser wäre es sie in den durch Passwort geschützten Bereich
    zu verschieben. Dort wird sicher mehr Toleranz und Verständnis
    dafür aufgebracht!

  77. Shannon, while you resubmit stuff from BodyTwo, PLEASE put up the pics of the girl with the CHRISTOPHER flesh removal and her cat’s ashes rubbed into it. It was one of the most touching/beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
    The girl is awesome and her comments to mine made a difference (I had lost my best catfriend as well).
    I named my new cat Christopher.
    He is blind. And he’s awesome.

  78. Personally I never liked the look of this. I admire his dedication, yes, but the look just isn’t something I’m into. TO each his own, but that much be horribly uncomfortable, I can’t even imagine eating, drinking, talking…

  79. 123 – You’re a sweetheart! *hugs* YOu’re comment brought tears to my eyes. WHat can I say I am a sensitive lil’ thing. Especially when you named your cat Christopher. You’re too sweet. And thank you. I’m glad it was so touching for you. And I wish you and your new kitty friend the very very best! *hugs* to you both.

  80. i love body modification but i’m not feeling this. i give him props for doing it and i think he has a lot of balls…just not my look.

  81. Awesoe, I never ever saw something like that before, probably unique, and about the discussion of posting it or not, of course post it,it`s fuckin BME and not some wannabe website…we really would like a interview or something, butI do dig thepics…Ibet no one asked the indigenous people if they did want to be portrayedas freaks…

  82. 130 – I am so glad :D Big giant hugs back ;) And you are so very very welcome. It really reaches my heart that you were so inspired, honestly. You’re too sweet! Your boy is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! I love his ears, his little “socks” and it looks like he has a squerral tail in that pic. Hell I just love him! hahaha. Adorable very very precious he is. Hugs to you both :)

  83. anthonydoom: I meet this guy about 5 years ago, and it wouldnt feel wrong if i said he had the exact same cloths on then. That was in the middle of the summer and he was heavly clothed all in black hoodis.

  84. hey shannon!! you r askin to write you more about this guy. actually i know zygzag. email me , i may get some more materials for u, cheers

  85. Okay, so.. a ton of comments were deleted, and they.. say February, for some reason?

  86. I saw that guy in denmark, to the biggest festival in the north, Roskilde festivallen, few years ago…. i never heard about him before until now, and not so many stretch their ears, lips, nose or chin here so i didnt knew it was special, but my fucking god it looked crazy…..

  87. i think last year (2007) he was on ”rock werchter” in belgium,i saw him in a video on tmf in a report about the festival.First thought was what the f*ck did that guy….and now i’m sure its him

  88. Woah.
    That is CRAZY, He had to have a lot guts to do this; I would be way too afraid!
    I give him respect for doing what he wanted with himself.

  89. That’s cool as shit..

    but i wouldn’t do it. LOL

    I love looking at the decisions people make

  90. real name andrzej p. born in brzozow (south-east poland)about 38 years ago. now prapably living berlin. never give him drink in glass that has a flower printed onto it. he hates this.

  91. w 2004/5 widziałem go na squacie we wrocku.
    miał wtedy trochę mniejsze te krążki i były kolorowe. (czerwony i zielony chyba)
    i chyba nie chciało mu się gadać z nikim.

  92. i prosze nie nazywac jendrka rybiamorda. zasluguje na troche “respect”. sprubujcie pojezdzic z nim na stopa. naprawde uczy pokory. i uwierzcie on jest kochant.

  93. So if I read that article correctly, it would seem that this guy stretched his cheeks to the point that all of the skin on his face sagged and dragged his lower eyelid open, opening it more to irritants. This eventually led the guy to get skin grafts and close the holes.

    My question is, how the hell do you stretch holes in your cheeks that wide without something getting infected or going wrong?

    Wait, don’t answer that, I already know the answer (hint: You don’t. Faces don’t work like that).

  94. Finally i fell over this “article”, me and some friends have been discussing for ages what the name of that guy was. Its the only cheek stretches ive ever seen, almost puked when i saw him without them while he ate and drank beer at k-town 2005. =D Gotta love it..

  95. number 150, dont be dumb.
    what always did my head in was how they stayed in. flares yeah duhh…but where? a flare on the bottom would be ruthlessly uncomfortable…and im not sure upward or backward would be any better? nevertheless it is epic!

  96. My friend lived with him the whole summer in germany in a park. He has not (attleast) completely fixed anything becausee he obviosly still has the giant holes in his cheeks. apart from that, he novadays has two about 3/4 stretched piercings on is forehead and very large nostril stretches. hop this helped out. I heard he is a nice guy but messy when it comes to eating.


  98. I’m sorry, but this is gross. I find stretched facial piercings in general very unattractive(at least those beyond a 0 or so), but this is just grotesque. I’ve been shoving needles through my flesh since I was 11, and this is one case where even *I* would call it mutilation. I mean, more power to him for doing what he wants but why would anyone want to deform themselves like this? To look like Droopy the Dog & dribble all over themselves? Shock value maybe? Piercings are one thing, but for someone to take it to this level I have to suspect some sort of mental illness. Not to mention that our faces are not structured to have huge gaping holes in them. I get leakage from my tiny little 16g lip ring if I’m not careful, I can’t imagine how much this guy drools. It’s unsanitary and frankly disgusting, look at all the stains on his shirt! Just the oral health factor is enough to make me gag. My ears are only stretched to a half inch & I get plenty of funk on my plugs just every couple of days, I can’t even IMAGINE how gross his must be. And I have to agree with all the folks that said if he doesn’t want to be gawked at, he shouldn’t have turned himself into a sideshow. It’s completely different than someone with a natural deformity or disfiguration getting stared at too. They can’t help it, this guy could have. I knew when I first started getting piercings & tats that people were gonna want a closer look sometimes. I accept the stares as human curiosity & as the small price I pay for looking different. It’s human nature to want to study the unusual, so I don’t think anyone really has the right to bitch about getting stared at if they go out looking like this. Hell, I’m a freak and even *I* stare at people like this.

  99. your all a bunch of cunts i dont know the dude in the pictures but i can garuntee he doesnt give a fuck what any of you chumps think and the person above me next time dont write a paragraph just say that your a judgemental retard who thinks they are cool because they have some minor body mods everything you typed proves you dont understand true body mods or the punk mentality lol talking about stains on his shirt like that shocks you better not look at his undies your not a freak your just the average cockhead that feels the need to limit everyone else to what they consider normal.

  100. This may not be read but shit happens comment 157. Your off the mark on people staring. There is staring because your curiousthen others that stare because they are small minded arsehats. One more thing how does HIS mods affect YOUR life? they dont! So leave the judgemental shit out of it. I have the most respect for people like Zygzag because he doesnt give a shit about what others think

  101. 26. . . . that’s to bloody many, hahahahaha, saying that; me be 1 of ‘em 2 :P

    Zygzag?? Well…. nothing could be said.

  102. Yeah, he’s different. Who gives a fuck? And who cares what he thinks? If he really doesn’t want his pictures on the internet I’m sure he would have contacted BME about it already. He doesn’t care, it’s been like 4 years.

  103. Check this out!

    2007 I was walking in Mehringdamm Str,Berlin when THAT man walked by me on the pedestrian crossing.
    He was wearing a weird hoodie,stretched ears, his eyes had weird colour,small dots silver implants around the eyes and he had the stretches removed from his cheeks. I could see his teeth and tongue clearly through the holes. He had that weird bone in his nose.I am not into Body Modification so i thought he was a WARCRAFT fan and he tried to became an Ork . I am from Greece,was living there for some years and it was the most UNREAL dude i saw in Germany. It must be him,the guy from those pictures, Fishmaul.

  104. This has got to be *the* most disgusting, ridiculous, and *pointless* things I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t food and drink fall out of the holes? Don’t drool drip down his cheeks? On a positive note, he doesn’t need to buy a “reach” brand toothbrush, hell he doesn’t have to open his mouth. He can just stick the toothbrush through the holes. LOL

  105. ian our cleaner at Rude studios said he saw him being sick and said it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. lol NIce body mods.

  106. I saw him yesterday in front of Kaiser’s in Warschauer Str. in Berlin! He was arguing with a girl, both visibily drunk :D
    He didn’t wear his cheek’s plugs, but he had several other piercings!

  107. i will never believe this man did not want to be photographed. he is clearly posing in multiple images, even if he just didn’t want them puvlished he’d have to realize in th the eyes of the rest of the worl he’s an oddity. he does have true dedication but there’s a time you need to call it quits

  108. i think that is really neat, i would never do it, i have double gauged ears and tattoos, im only 18, but god, i just want to know one thing, how does he eat?

  109. Pingback: Bodmod Punky and His Magic Cheeks | BME: Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification News

  110. I knew ZygZag (FishMaul/FishMouth) in person from many punk festivals etc,and i want to add/share a late (and sad) update about him. He is passed out at March 06,2015, at a local hospital of Frankfurt, due to horrible facial infections after 4 months of denial to go see a doctor about his crucial condition. Zyg’s never asked for attention and such.That’s why you never find some interview from him or more photos.That’s all and thanks to everyone liked Zyg for his attitude all these years .:)

  111. Oh, that’s terribly sad.
    My thoughts go out to those who knew him personally.

  112. Sad update, indeed. Although with the size of the “piercings”, and his standard of living, I’m not surprised he went at such a young age. His lack of hygiene no doubt led to massive infection which riddled his whole body. May he finally rest in peace.

  113. Just to inform you all, he is not dead and is in Berlin, I see him nearly everyday on my way to work. He is still into body mods and lives on the street, as far as I can see.

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