Black and Grey Biomech Facial Work

Most of the facial tattoos that I see these days are geometric or some type of neotribal or art tattooing. I do also see some bright colourful biomech — you know, the stuff with big heavy outlines, extraterrestrial psychedelia, and graffiti-like saturation — but Bec’s stands out from the crowd because it’s black and white (to be clear, it’s not just the photo — the tattoo itself is beautifully grey-shaded) and still very feminine. Waves of HR Giger alien machinery weaving through her skin, across the side of her head and on her neck. Love it. You can find her at Cherry’s Tattoos in Hornchurch, UK. As always, click to zoom.


On account of being dropped on my head as a baby I’ve never trusted my ability to recognize faces, but the combination of Bec’s tattoo and facial structure is really reminding me of the facial implant on Star Trek’s Seven of Nine… Are you with me on this or am I living in my own fantasy world again?


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