Black and Grey Biomech Facial Work

Most of the facial tattoos that I see these days are geometric or some type of neotribal or art tattooing. I do also see some bright colourful biomech — you know, the stuff with big heavy outlines, extraterrestrial psychedelia, and graffiti-like saturation — but Bec’s stands out from the crowd because it’s black and white (to be clear, it’s not just the photo — the tattoo itself is beautifully grey-shaded) and still very feminine. Waves of HR Giger alien machinery weaving through her skin, across the side of her head and on her neck. Love it. You can find her at Cherry’s Tattoos in Hornchurch, UK. As always, click to zoom.


On account of being dropped on my head as a baby I’ve never trusted my ability to recognize faces, but the combination of Bec’s tattoo and facial structure is really reminding me of the facial implant on Star Trek’s Seven of Nine… Are you with me on this or am I living in my own fantasy world again?


Alien Anatomy!

This stunning tattoo that makes me think of some sort of alien anatomy, the “musculature of Mars” or something, was done by Graven Image Tattoo ( or in Mountain View, California. Paco Dietz has a number of pieces in his portfolio that are intelligent hybrids of colorful biomechanical with Giger-esque (amusing trivia — my spell-checker wants to turn that into “grotesque”) or even dieselpunk influence as well, creating his own unique contribution to the tattoo lexicon, but this has to be one of my favorites both because of its sci-fi appeal and because of how well it must move with the body.

Be sure to zoom in and admire them at full size.



Unblacking the Blackest Man

I assume everyone knows who Lucky Diamond Rich is, but if not, let me pop up a picture from one of his very first appearances on ModBlog, back in 2006, when he was already widely recognized as the world’s most tattooed man — and easily history’s most tattooed man as well.

Not only is Rick tattooed black-head-to-toe, but he’s been fully tattooed something like seven or eight times over. The white lines in the picture above are not untattooed areas. They are white ink tattoos done over top of the field of black. As these would fade slightly over time and Rick set his sights on new a body, changes would be made, sometimes with piercing or scarification, but usually with tattoos. I have made some recent posts about tattooing white ink over black and even tattooing full color over solid blackwork, and I think the time has come to update Rick’s latest stage of evolution.

Tattooist Brad Bako has been covering up Rich’s many layers of blackwork (and more) with a new field of biomech, starting with his arm. The progress has been quite remarkable, to such an extent that many people would think it wasn’t even possible. I really want to emphasize that this is not just being done over black, but over a mottled skin filled with many layers of black, some colour, some white, and probably some residual scarring as well. What Brad Bako has achieved is quite remarkable.



In addition to the bright sleeve work, they are also working on his head, transforming his full-black zen demon sort of appearance into a more traditional biomechanical tattoo icon.


So when people ask you the question, “what will you do when you run out of skin”, now you know that you’ll never run out of skin because you can recycle your tattoos. On a side note, I have to admit that it’s rather amazing that 10,000+ years into tattooing that we’re still figuring new stuff out every year.

Law and Order: BME

As some of you may recall, the Law and Order: SVU production office reached out to BME to find some people for an upcoming episode.  Well, it turns out that quite a number of IAM members made the cut and will be featured on this week’s episode.  You can check out the show tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 16th, on NBC at 10pm EST).  One IAM member that you’ll definitely be seeing is none other than Rachie Tartz, who was nice enough to send in some photos to the BME Girls gallery.

Keep on reading if you want to see the photos that won’t be airing on network television.

Ghost in the Machine

Every once in a while a tattoo will come along that is so realistic, you begin to question whether it really is a tattoo.  Most of the time this happens with small animals or insects that appear to be crawling over the skin.  This piece by Viktor Sigil is definitely not a small animal.  The middle photo in particular is the one that stands out.  The black background helps give the tattoo the feel of an optical illusion, so if you focus your gaze on the middle of the photo, it seems as if his arm has been replaced by the machine.

Viktor works at Self Sacrifice in London.

Part man, Part machine, All hotness

It might be hard to believe based on this photo, but Efix is actually a pretty shy guy.  Which is why I expect a phone call in an hour or so from him asking me to take this down.  Sorry buddy, but someone of your hotness deserves to be adored by the masses.

This photo was taken at the last Sydney Tattoo Expo where Efix took second place for best biomechanical tattoo.  The man behind Efix’s incredible tattoos is Jay Marceau who works with Efix out of D-Markation in Quebec City.