Senja Sidoro Framed

I’m watching the incredibly cheesy Samuel Jackson reality-tv gladiator movie Arena on one monitor and editing tasteful classic photos of the beautiful Senja Sidoro on the other. So while half of my brain reminiscences about one of the stranger consulting gigs I ever did, creating a an untrackable video site for broadcasting biker-run dog fights (and handling the gambling on them) — one of the many things I’m not terribly proud of — I’m calming the guilt into submission with Photoshop filters and burying it with layers. In any case, here are some pictures of Senja Sidoro practicing with makeup — in the one image you can see an unpainted face next to what she made with makeup leftovers (click here to see it true, without all my editing). I like her piercings of course, and in this age of mega-implants, it’s somehow very friendly seeing a couple of dainty first-gen horns. By the way, if Senja seems familiar to you, it might be because she’s married to Lassi (, is a talented performer in her own right, and founded Helsinki’s Başka Theater Group — find her on Facebook at SouciJawsDerringer.

Well, I think I’m all Photoshopped out for one day. Click to zoom.



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