Unusual Lip Orbital Piercings

Mike Knight from Velvet Grip Family Tattoo in West Hollywood, California sent me this fascinating little lip project he did. I was a bit worried when I first saw it because there’s a right way to do this piercing and a wrong way, and the sad truth is that most of the time it gets done the wrong way. But I’m quite happy to report that what you’re seeing here is a healed project. Mike did it by first doing four lip piercings (two on each side) using 12ga labrets. When those healed, he replaced them with a pair of 12ga D-rings with gemstone beads, giving the client a unique bit of body art that I’d wager few have seem before.


3 thoughts on “Unusual Lip Orbital Piercings

  1. I don’t think it looks very good. I’d like to hear from the wearer how comfortable it is day to day. While eating, drinking, etc… I have a labret and I tried to put a CBR in it. It was the right size, but when I drank from a cup the liquid leaked out the sides of the ring. So I just wear a regular flat back stud now. But I can imagine this piercing to cause problems like that. Or possibly feeling very uncomfortable during general wear.

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