Pierced Whiskers

Speaking of Eric Stango (of Lifestyles in Connecticut), I also wanted to show one more fun piercing project he’s done — this set of pierced whiskers, which is wonderfully appropriate on a woman named Cat. Seriously! He did them by first piercing the client with a set of 14ga labrets, and once those were healed and stable, he replaced them with a set of 14ga labret backings with long black teflon whiskers attached. Now what I want to know, is does this count as a mod that gives you a “sixth sense” in the same way that magnets do, if you use them like an animal does, walking through a dark and crowded room, using the whiskers as “feelers” to make sure your body doesn’t bump into anything? Either way, very cute and charming.

Unusual Lip Orbital Piercings

Mike Knight from Velvet Grip Family Tattoo in West Hollywood, California sent me this fascinating little lip project he did. I was a bit worried when I first saw it because there’s a right way to do this piercing and a wrong way, and the sad truth is that most of the time it gets done the wrong way. But I’m quite happy to report that what you’re seeing here is a healed project. Mike did it by first doing four lip piercings (two on each side) using 12ga labrets. When those healed, he replaced them with a pair of 12ga D-rings with gemstone beads, giving the client a unique bit of body art that I’d wager few have seem before.


Swapping Split

Here’s KeighlaNight with her lucky beau, Shawn O’Hare, playing with their tongues.  Did I mention how lucky he is?  Granted, for some of you, she’s the lucky one here.


Photo by Cody Wayne Bridges.

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A pointed profile

With his vast assortment of modifications, the Mechanical Demon has transformed from a human into something much more.  While I don’t have the list of artists who have worked on him, I do know that Arseniy Andersson is responsible for the ear pointing/reshaping.

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