Dual SkinTunnels

Any time I post Gabriele’s (MaxArt Body Piercing in Rome, Italy) extremely clever SkinTunnel jewelry (which I’ve finally given its own tag here on ModBlog making it easy to see all the entries on it), it always generates a lot of confusion because people aren’t used to seeing something like it, and often make the erroneous assumption that the central circle is open flesh. It’s not. The design is like a transdermal implant, but instead of a single central post, it has two separate U-shaped posts. These U’s have threading on them so that a large top can be attached. In theory, this design should be able to carry more weight than a standard transdermal, in addition to having a unique aesthetic.

Gabriele’s very first customer for this — he’s slowly and responsibly been doing a few of these, monitoring them carefully, and making subtle improvements in each generation — has come back to get a matching one on their other wrist, so that’s what you’re seeing here in these pictures. For those still having trouble picturing how the jewelry is implanted, I draw your attention to the picture where the two U-shaped slots are being cut.

Zoom into this second photo for a closer view of the finished product.

10 thoughts on “Dual SkinTunnels

  1. how bout on the sides of yer neck, like fukkin’ Frankenstein’s monster! Fuck yeaH!

  2. sooooo…. what about nipple removal and encasing them in resin and attaching them to the tops for these implants. then putting the implants where your nipples were, so you could screw them on and off??

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