Daith to Double Conch Ear Project

It’s been a busy week so I must apologize for not being able to help out as much on ModBlog as I’d like to, but I wanted to quickly pop in this evening and show you this great ear project by Perry Doig at Monterey’s Gold Coast Tattoo & Body Piercing. It’s one of those ear piercings that’s quite impressive, but is also sort of a “blink and you’ll miss it” thing where if you’re not sharp-eye’d and able to grok what you’re seeing, you won’t even realize how special it is. What Perry has done here is linked a gorgeously deep Daith to a pair of inner conch piercings, all linking up with a nice gemstone bead (a fire opal, to be specific) that floats inside the ear. As an aside, I always smile a little confused smile when I see someone that has an ear project of great artistry like this, but still has the cheap mall lobes that they probably got when they weren’t even aware that piercing culture proper existed.

Click to see it larger.

2 thoughts on “Daith to Double Conch Ear Project

  1. I always shudder when I walk past Claire’s or Piercing Pagoda. Makes me want to stand there with a sign displaying proper piercing procedures while handing out pamphlets to moms.

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