Arm Muppets

The top tattoo in this pair, the dragon, was done by Steve Hartnoll ages ago but recently popped up with a mild case of viral-photo-itis. It’s a little awkward aesthetically, but it’s definitely the sort of funny gag tattoo that makes you a hit with your nephews. When I mentioned this picture, my friend Piloy ( showed me the bottom photo of the Ganesha tattoo, pictures of a guy he met with a placement that to me feels a little less awkward — although it does it at the cost of having a slight disconnect between the two parts of the image, unlike the tattoo, which is practically a muppet grafted onto the wearer’s shoulder.

3 thoughts on “Arm Muppets

  1. As the owner of the dragon tattoo I am glad people like it. Never heard it described as a “muppet” before!

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