Feminine Horns

In all honesty, the aesthetic of horn implants isn’t for me, but this pair is nice and subtle and seem to suit Rebecca Davis perfectly. It’s like she was born with them!

Generally horn implants are pretty noticeable, so I was curious what her reasoning was for going with something a little less bold.

“Well I wanted to start off small to see how I liked them. After they healed I realized that most people don’t notice them so I don’t get stopped that often by random people saying “wuts that in ur head!?”. I like that I can hide them if I need to, they are like a surprise!”

The implant procedure was performed by Tony Snow, and photography is by Marshall Bradford.

One thought on “Feminine Horns

  1. So, help me, watching these pictures, I want to drag my pretty wife to the tattoo parlor and let my fantasies loose on her !
    Maybe I will buy a couple of tattoo machines myself…
    She loves my tattoos, but keeps shying away from having it done on herslf.
    I love her dearly, but it is her virgin skin that bothers me…

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