Tattoos with Boob Jobs

Some of you may remember five years ago when Lane had Brian Decker give his tattoo a boob job, which unfortunately came to an unpleasant demise. Amusingly this is a not uncommon gag, and I know a few other people with it as well. For example, I suspect after seeing Lane’s (although I don’t know that), my friend YK did his own breast implants on his tattoo, hand carving a piece of silicone and putting it in himself. Another friend shaped his tattoo into a more subtle form by injecting wax underneath it, and I suspect that as custom implants become more available, the art of mixing tattoos with implants will mature by leaps and bounds.

PS. Because I’m currently working on interviews, you may notice me posting some pictures that have already been featured some time ago in the main BME archives, as I run across things that also make an interesting ModBlog post.

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