Lane’s Tattoo Gets Boob Implants


One of the most popular entries — linked and plagiarized from all over the net — in my now exterminated previous blog featured my friend Lane having Brian (photos by Candace) give his pin-up tattoo a set of carved silicone breast implants. The implants are carved as a single piece (rather than being, say, two separate domes).

The procedure took less than 45 minutes and seemed quite uneventful. Everything went fine, and the next day it felt like nothing more than a bruised leg.



PS. A few days after he got the implant he sent me a couple of healing photos… I noticed (and you can probably see as well) that there was some apparent irritation over the top of one of the “breasts”, this reminded me of a series of implants that I had which were removed due to rejection. Anyway, no one thought anything of it at the time but it foreshadowed a very unpleasant end for this modification… I’ll post more about that later today.


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21 thoughts on “Lane’s Tattoo Gets Boob Implants

  1. very cool one for sure, was thinking about some tattoo/implatation projects too – the thought came during healing of my shoulder piece, it had a little swelling on new outlines and i liked the feel very much. it could be very cool for some tattoos to have tactile feedback

  2. Yowzers, hope he got away without too much damage to the tattoo – it’s a beautiful piece. I like the idea of the tactile with the visual too – I was wondering about the practicalities of tattooing over some scarification or branding? Hmmm….. next project!

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  4. This one really shocked me. I hope you have done your research. Many women have become ill from breast implants. You might want to do some reading to find out what the symptoms are so if you start to experience them, you will know it is time to have that silicone removed.

    Very dangerous procedure in my opinion.

  5. Looking dumb, unpractical, it’s obvious it is going to reject. It’s not that I’m not into mods, I have full facial tattoo and tons of piercings and other stuff as well, but you have to use your brain before you do such shit. Which is valid as much for the customer than for the butcher.

  6. if you only want to produce morning sickness with this type of art, you achieve it successfully.
    Silicone it is not safe..

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  9. “So wait…what happens when her boobs begin to sag?”

    “He gets kankles.”

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