King of All Black

Gerhard Wiesbeck ( has really blown me away with this tattoo megaproject on Punctum Kay so epic and huge that I swear the Discovery Channel is going to do a show on its construction. You don’t get to see tattoos like this often as there aren’t many people willing to commit to something so immense yet also so simple — simple with the exception of the psychedelic geometric dotwork chest detail. Absolutely incredible. Zoom in for a better look — if you even need it, since this is the sort of tattoo that looks great from two feet or two miles away.

Edit/Update: I wanted to clarify that Kay ( designed the main heavy blackwork (the chest portion was designed by Gerhard).

13 thoughts on “King of All Black

  1. gorgeous tattoo…the chest piece is awesome! looks like nazareno tubaro’s dotwork…

  2. White men have persecuted blacks for hundreds of years… and even within African cultures, light-skinned people are considered more beautiful than dark-skinned people. I find it… odd… that a white person would choose to be black.

    That said, I find the design interesting, but am no fan of solid black tattoos. Not very artistic – and rather boring.

  3. @Anarchy45 Umm. I’m -pretty- sure (not to pretend I know what’s going on in his mind) this is intended to be taken as truly “blackout” and not as a normal human skin colour. Indeed, the fact that it is unnatural seems to be a big draw of blackwork in general. There’s certainly a whole hell of a lot of cultural and racial appropriating that goes on the the world of modification, but I don’t really think this is one of those cases. I may be wrong, though.

  4. Most incredible artist in this sort of style!! I´m lucky i get my hand done by him in february!

  5. one thing just to make it clear: its my concept and design except my chest which was gerhards design. although gerhard has become a friend of mine over the years its my idea of how my body should look like.
    thank you very much!

  6. really, really fucking sexy. on a side note, this looks like so many spots would feel so painful or uncomfortable.

  7. I am totally turned on by this black work, love it large and solid. How anyone can say it is boring is beyond me and very stupid thing to say. It is unique and very sexy. It is inspiring me to now get a large scale body suit done currently have black work on right leg but have always wanted large scale black patterns. Now to find the artist in states to make it all work. Do you have any plans for hands, feet or from the neck up including face?

  8. @PJB: thank you. no, no plans to go further than this. i think it would destroy the whole design if i would do the hands as well. dont want any other pattern and i cant imagine that black hands will look cool. (for me!)
    also the face. the whole thing is just the consequence of minimalizing – so theres not many ways to continue it, except more black. and i really like the straight edges on my wrists and feet. hope you’ll find a nice artist who will do your blackwork – just like i did. have a nice day – cheers,kay.
    (doing my best in writing english – excuse my mistakes!)

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