Car vs. Febian vs. Samppa

Samppa ( has of course done numerous amazing facial scarification projects, many of which have been featured here on ModBlog, but I especially enjoyed this one he just did on Febian (while guesting at Rings of Pleasure). Below it’s pictured both fresh and a week into the healing. The design isn’t purely chaotic — it’s done to mask or reclaim old scars from a car accident (which of course parallels the many scars we’ve seen that cover up old self-injury).

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10 thoughts on “Car vs. Febian vs. Samppa

  1. Beautiful.
    It says, “I celebrate my battle scars!”
    What strength, to take the pain and celebrate it as a rite of passage!

  2. Amazing work. Though I would like to see a picture before, of his previous scars from the accident to reference.

  3. Samppa is awesome and a true inspiration. The scarification has persuaded me to follow this route instead of just tattoos. Can anyone recommend any artists in the UK ?

  4. It’s a shame, I used to check out modblog every single day. Until, of course, the modblog team decided to only update maybe once a week, sometimes not even that.

  5. @Nick – Sorry, Rob quit with no notice. That leaves it all on Shannon. I try to add some content but it’s not my forte and I don’t have a lot of time either. :(

  6. What ever happened to Joeltron or Eatenplacenta? Have you thought about bringing someone else on to update modblog?

  7. @Nick – I assume they are busy and haven’t had time to write for ModBlog. We certainly are hoping to bring someone else on board and I would expect that Shannon will continue to post after the holidays are over.

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