Lobe cutting now… and in the future?

I was checking out this gorgeous lobe scalpelling by Gabriele at Max Art in Italy — he’s taken a 30mm lobe and cut it up to 50mm, changing its shape quite a bit in the process — and it got me thinking again about a procedure that I’d really love to see someone do. The first three photos below are real, and show the level of abuse an ear can take and still heal beautifully — that third image was taken only a month later.

Anyway, as you know I am big on anything that fucks with natural morphology, so what I’m suggesting is taking the earlobe loop and cutting it where it connects to the head, and then relocating that attachment point farther down the neck, as far as it can be moved and still be comfortable — which is what the fourth picture illustrates with a quickie Photoshopping. I think it someone can show that this works in reality (and I’m quite certain it’s plausible), all sorts of fascinating things could be done. There are still more Pandora’s Boxes to be opened — I’ve been giving some thought to the “what’s next in body modification” and I think that in addition to live electronics being on the cusp of exploding, I think there are a lot of body artists who are technically proficient enough at this point to start getting much more adventurous in the type of body sculpting they offer.

ear idea

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